Nick of Time: A Nick Donahue Adventure

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A dangerous gamble spiced with humor, by Cathi Stoler

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In this fast paced international suspense thriller, Nick Donahue, an American gambler living in London, is in Venice playing Blackjack when he meets a beautiful woman in desperate need of help. Nick obliges and is soon embroiled in a whirlwind of mystery and intrigue.

He is kidnapped by jewel thieves, then released and dumped in the woods outside Prague. Calling on his brother Alex, a banker at Zurich’s SuisseBank, for assistance, Nick soon finds himself juggling Alex’s problem: the murder of his boss and a world-wide money laundering scheme the bank has been running. When Nick blows the whistle on SuisseBank, its main client, the New York mob, is none too happy with his interference and their loss of revenue. They demand revenge and restitution, which only Nick, with all of his gambling tricks, can provide.

This contemporary mystery novella provides plot twists and terror, revenge and romance, and just the right touch of humor.

“Nick of Time is a beautifully crafted novella taking you from Prague to Monaco on a gambling adventure where the stakes are far more than money. It’s a delightful read.”  Mark Rubinstein, Author of Mad Dog House and Love Gone Mad

“Come along for a dangerous, exciting ride with Nick Donahue, professional gambler, as he’s caught in a whole new game with all the wrong people. It takes sharp wits and a cool head, and some flashes of humor, to find his way out before he has to turn in all his chips.” Triss Stein, Author of Brooklyn Bones and in March 2014, Brooklyn Graves

“In this fast paced thriller, Cathi Stoler intertwines suspense and violence with just enough dark humor to keep the entertainment level on extra-high.” Terrie Farley Moran, Author of the “Read ‘Em and Eat Cafe” mysteries

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